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SaaS Model

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  • → Web AR:Transform your sites into AR itself
  • → Text AR: Deliver your products directly to your customers' pockets (no app required)
  • → SAAS Scan AR: Content control like no other

Web AR

Evolve the way you web

Vidit’s AR technology now empowers creator and users alike to elevate the www to new heights.

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Text AR

A mind-blowing new way to message

Share text messages that come to life by simply sending AR animations via your phone. Too easy.

Scan AR

Breath life into the world around you

Imagine pointing your phone at any image and seeing it come to life. No need to imagine, because its real! Whether it be an animation, video, or Bernie sitting in a chair, we’ve unlocked how people will interact with everyday life forever.

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Influencers, Ambassadors and Designers. This One's for you

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Influencers shape the reality, we give you tools.

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