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The Vidit Platform
Puts Augmented Reality into the Hands of EVERYONE.

Using your phone - Attach any video or 3D image with the Vidit App to images, and locations and create a link to any website, facebook, instagram... anywhere!

VIDIT features

By using the Image Recognition and Computer Vision feature, Vidit gives you the power to attach videos, 3D images, links, and comments to images, and soon geolocations.

What is Augumented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality(AR) is the technology that allows content like 3D images, videos, links and text to be virtually attached to images and locations, bringing them to life on your phone or on the Web in a virtual form.


Vidit [vi-d'it]: verb 1: To transform the world into virtual interactive experiences
2: To give power to the user to share and create content on images and objects.

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What is Vidit?

It is a platform that combines AR, visual search,image recognition, automatic self creation, data analysis in app, and web admin panel administration. The user can attach 3Ds, links, and videos to locations, images. The creator has the ability to share that content with the world or a selected group.

This message is uploaded to the Vidit platform from your mobile device (in 3 Simple steps) -or- from our web admin panel, letting the customer view the message on their website or on their phone. The Vidit APP brings to life the image, logo, location, or product that content is attached to.

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How does it work?

Just take any image and attach your personal or business virtual content to it. Locations, Landmarks, books, photos, products all become places where you can leave a message.

Vidit takes images of real life objects and attaches information and content to those images. Magazines, books, photos, and even graffiti on a wall all become access points to see what the world has to say about the object or image in front of you. If you see a picture on a wall or a billboard on the side of the road you no longer have to type in a website or a word to see what it's all about. Simply open the app search the image or object and the content will appear.

Sharing your life with your friends and customers becomes a brand new experience. Never before has the world been able to share and communicate information in both a tangible and virtual way.


The Future of Augmented Reality


Pricing available by emailing to: sales@vidit.com

All accounts include the following options:

    In APP

  • Vidit Content
  • AR Video, Review, Links from Image, 3D content
  • Aditional Links/Oficial Links/Bottoms

    Store Content

  • Videos, 3D Content, Games
  • Geo Options
  • GEO Placement (Standard Avatar)

    Social Features

  • Tag, Comments, Likes, Follow
  • Share: Facebook, email, Twitter, SMS
  • Audience Control, From the App Managed

    Back End/CPanel

  • Campaign Administration
  • Create a Campaign,Switch (On/Off)
  • Change content, Change Location of Content,
  • Ad Barcode/Qr Code, Date Campaigns (Start & Finish)

    Geo Options

  • GEO Placement (Custom Avatar)
  • GEO Bilboard

    Analytics Options

  • Advance Stats, Professional Stats, Platinum Stats
  • Privacy Options
  • Advanced,Professional

(*) Aditional charges apply for optimization
(**) Image Recognition linked to your web
(***) More Scans In app Available


Get Started With Vidit

Download the VIDIT AR app from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store. Our App is available to users with iOS11 and a ARKit compatible iOS device and Google Android.

With the Vidit App you can attach your videos, 3D images, and links at locations and landmarks or on books, photos, products, apparel, and much more.

The Vidit app saves your scanned images in your Feed for all of your followers to see.

Yes you can provice your own 3D images to create an experience.

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Create and connect
ALL your print activities to augmented reality.

Our Team

Vidit Team has a combination of multiple talents, backgrounds and market segments. Our Vast Combination of experiences , give us over 20 years of Augmented Reality knowledge, multiple exits from different market segments and especially the network and connections companies and influencers.


With Vidit AR platform, all that content can be obtained under one scan right on the product.
Giving the power of connecting the product to ALL their necessary sources of information but most importantly giving the full credit and the traffic to the product or location.


Vidit Headquarter
1536 North Woodland Park Drive, Suite #130 Layton, Utah 84041 - USA