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What is Vidit?
Vidit allows you to attach your own personal videos and content to tangible images and objects. In every sense it is the remodeled version of the search engine. It gives you the power to search for information without typing words in a search bar. Virtually every object around you can be tagged with your own videos, messages, links, 3D images, and many other forms of media. Vidit will change the way the world searches and shares content. This new platform creates a world where everything and everyone can interact both on a virtual and a tangible level.

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How Does It Work?

You basically take any image or object and attach your personal virtual content to it. Landmarks, book, photos, products all become places where you can leave a message.

Vidit takes images of real life objects and attaches information and content to those images. Magazines, books, photos, and even graffiti on a wall all become access points to see what the world has to say about the object or image in front of you. If you see a picture on a wall or a billboard on the side of the road you no longer have to type in a website or a word to see what it's all about. Simply open the app search the image or object and the content will appear.

Sharing your life with your friends and customers becomes a brand new experience. Never before has the world been able to share and communicate information in both a tangible and virtual way.

What is Vidit from Vidit Team on Vimeo.

Win An Watch

Currently Vidit needs your help figuring out the most fun and interactive ways to tag the world. This new approach to information has many avenues of sharing and building that have yet to be discovered. We want you to be involved and help us find all the undiscovered ways Vidit can be used.

So if you're in, this is how you can be part of this experience and have the chance to win an iwatch.

We want to reward you for your efforts in helping us build this platform. To those individuals who are most creative and most influential in helping us with this beta test, we are giving away 3 Apple iWatches.

How to win:

We can only have 1000 users in our beta test. In order to be eligible to win one of the three iWatches you need to:

  1. Enter Your email for the beta by invitation only.
  2. Check your email from iTunes Store.
  3. Accept the invitation and download TestFlight.
  4. Download the app from TestFlight and create an account.
  5. Send us a list of what is working and what is not. There is a report feedback button within the app.
  6. Share with us What features you love and what features we are missing.
  7. Get at least 50 followers in the app.
  8. Be creative.

So go ahead and Vidit the world...

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Vidit is currently looking for partners in all aspects, ambassadors, influencers, networkers, affiliates and even content developers (3D content). The market is huge and we have a place for everyone to be part of Vidit.

What is Vidit from Vidit Team on Vimeo.